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Zero waste

Zero Waste Production

The production process has been designed to be zero waste from the beginning. Excess oil is sold onto catering facilities in reusable containers and peanut by-products are made into bird food.

I am proud to produce all Earthnutz in-house in a production facility that is powered by renewable energy. Making it all from scratch gives me a whole lot of control over important things like quality, new product development (oh yes, there’s more to come!) and waste.

Eco Packaging

Most crisps are sold in metallised plastic packaging which is so tough it can last over 30 years out at sea. The material cannot be recycled and so they end up in landfill - in the UK we throw away 16 million crisp packets every day!

At Earthnutz I am trying to do things differently. I have invested in paper-based packaging that is fully recyclable in the waste paper stream, something that no other crisp brand has done yet.

Earthnutz: Peanut Protein Crisps
Earthnutz: Peanut Protein Crisps


Earthnutz are sold to pubs and zero waste stores by weight, for dispensing into bowls to have alongside a pale ale, or into customers’ own containers to take home.


Earthnutz were carefully curated so that they could survive in returnable airtight containers, without going stale (most crisps are flushed with nitrogen to prevent this).

Being able to sell by weight gives customers the opportunity to buy Earthnutz without any waste at all! On top of that, they last for 12 months in an airtight container, minimizing food waste too 😊

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