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I’m Abby, the Founder of Earthnutz - crisps made from peanuts that are seriously good for you.

My story began the day my son had an allergic reaction to peanuts* and we were told to stay away from all nuts, forever. While I understood the logic (of course), it didn’t stop me from having recurring dreams of peanut butter generously lathered onto a freshly toasted slice of sour dough!


Eventually I found a treatment programme that would help him to eat nuts again (by giving him tiny doses of nuts that increased slowly over time). After this he was able to eat handfuls of nuts, but it would also require him to eat them on a daily basis – that’s right, a portion of peanuts, cashews, pecans, pistachios… get the picture. This is when the cogs started to turn because I needed a way to get a lot of nuts into our daily diet in a fun, convenient and healthy way. So with a whole lot of curiosity and creativity I created Earthnutz, a protein-packed crisp that is as more-ish as it is nourishing.


The next big challenge was to bring Earthnutz to market in a sustainable way, something that was very important to me. Setting up Earthnutz to be sold loose (for zero waste stores, delivery services, pubs etc), involved going back to square one and reformulating the recipe so that they could last long enough in this environment. After attempt number 43, Earthnutz as you know it was born. They were launched in refill stores and I am proud to continue to sell Earthnutz without packaging waste whatsoever. For all other sales, you’ll be happy to know that they’re sold in fully recyclable paper-based packaging, ready to see another day.


Simple, quality nutrition brought to you in a sustainable way. With the shape of a peanut, the crunch of a crisp and more protein than a ribeye steak, I think you’ll agree that they’re pretty special.

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